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Hey! Hi! Hello! Hellerrrr!

I’M SO EXCITED YOU’RE HERE! My name is Bailey and I am a photographer based out of Manchester, TN. Have you ever heard of Bonnaroo? Yes!? That’s where I’m from!! 

That’s the boring part though — let’s get to the fun stuff! I am a full time elementary teacher, part time photog, dog mom, volleyball coach, auntie to three of the best little babes, military wife, AND (my favorite) FULL TIME DISNEY FREAK. Yep, you read that right. When I actually grow up, I want to be a Disney Princess. ;) Hahah, just kidding! Maybe — who knows!? 

Wanna know another fun fact? I actually never meant to start a photography business (*insert gasp here*)! The thought absolutely never ever crossed my mind. Growing up there was only one thing that I loved and that was sports. When I graduated though my nana bought me a camera for my graduation to take on my senior trip with my otherrrr nana! TO AFRICA. You can’t freaking take a cell phone camera to Africa. It just doesn’t work that way!!! I mean, it actually could but I would highly recommend an actual camera! ;) 

But anyways, enough about me.. I want to get to know YOU and your life stories!!! I can’t wait to meet you! 

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- Bri R.

"Bailey worked SO well with my baby! She was very sweet, and the photos were AMAZING!"

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- Alex F.

"Super sweet! Makes you feel comfortable. Had a lot of fun getting my pictures done."

Sweet reviews from clients

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